South Africa sees nearly 500 000 accidents and 1400 thefts and hijackings on roads each year. That is why having car insurance is so important. Choosing not to have it is extremely risky; however car insurance can be expensive. Insure your car with South Africa’s most reputable short term insurer: Santam.

Whether you have a truck, motorcycle, trailer or a sports car, Santam’s comprehensive cover extends to all vehicle types. You can choose from a comprehensive cover; third party, fire and theft or just third party. Santam offers low premiums for your covers and have additional benefit links designed to assist you when you may need it most. These benefits include: emergency accommodation, emergency commodities costs such as toiletries or medicine, recovery costs, medical expenses for you or your family as well as trauma treatment.

No other competitor offers you benefits like these, at such affordable rates.

Those with 4×4’s or luxury vehicles get the option of an additional, tailor-made insurance that includes many extensions and services such as wreckage removal, emergency repairs, reptriation costs, head, tail or spot lights cover, loss of keys, tow-in costs and safeguarding after mechanical breakdown.

You can also choose to add cover for death or injury, or to waive your basic excesses. All of this, only available from Santam.

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Santam Car Insurance