We all love our vehicles. They get us from A to B, hassle free and we even look good in them if we’re fortunate enough. These luxury items can cost a fortune if anything serious happens however, and this is why it is important to get car insurance and that from a good insurer too!

With almost 500 accidents on our roads every year, Prime Meridian Direct gives you the option to insure a R75 000 car from only R260 per month, allowing you to easily afford comprehensive car insurance. Prime Meridian Direct gives you the option of choosing from three available car insurance plans as well as the choice of premiums for you to decide which you can afford. Different costs are worked out for drivers under 25 and for those who are over 25.

There are also many benefits included, such as insurance for car write-offs, third party protection up to R250 000, no excesses and premiums never increase. If you want to add optional benefits, you can do so, and these include accident contribution benefit, 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance, autobody warranty, mechanical warranty windscreen replacement and care hire extender.

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