Finding ways that will reduce your home insurance costs won’t only be good for finances in the short-term, but in the long-term the savings on premiums are likely to inspire you keep doing this.

By installing an alarm system as well as burglar proof bars in your home you could lower your level of risk significantly. The material used to build your home is also taken into consideration.

Despite the numerous factors that may lead to high premiums, there are proven ways that can ensure that you aren’t forking out an arm and a leg every month when your payments are due.


Shopping around and asking family and friends for referrals goes a long way towards showing the various price ranges offered by insurers. It always helps to actually contact insurers and to ask them what measures they would take to lower your costs. Compare the service you get too, because this is often an indicator of how well you are likely to be treated as a customer.

Buy home insurance from the same insurer you use for your car insurance

You may have the benefit of lower premiums if you have two or more policies from a particular insurance provider. When you do compare however, make sure that this combined price is not higher than getting insurance from different companies.

Improve security

Adding a sophisticated security system will reduce your home insurance costs significantly.

Maintain a good credit score

Being in good credit standing may lead to a lower premium charged.

Review the value of your possessions annually

It’s vital to check the limits of your policy and to regularly check the worth of items covered by your insurance.