Understanding the importance of mobile SEO on your digital strategy is vital if you want to make inroads in terms of having clarity on the behaviour of your customers or clients.

People are spending more time on mobile devices. Not only are people using their smartphones to make phone calls or text, but they are spending large amounts of time on social media along with online shopping. Research has shown that nearly 60% of all Google searches are on mobile devices.

It’s for this reason that it’s become so much more important for marketers to be aware of shifting consumer behaviours and browsing habits.

Even if you have a digital strategy for your brand, SEO remains relevant even in terms of the mobile market.

What is the importance of mobile SEO on your digital strategy?

Effective SEO compels users to pick your site. When done well, it works wonders for getting your site to the top of results pages.

Once a search is done, the landing page must be the result of alignment with the user’s needs. Keep in mind that an increasing number of searches are being done using voice searches on mobile devices, so relevance is key. It’s imperative to have the best possible answers to questions.

Information must be easily accessible and the site must be user-friendly and easy to navigate – which is made possible by SEO. Calls to Action need to be simple so users have an easier time making their way around the site.

Mobile sites need to be optimised, not just a desktop site that is squeezed into a phone. Some content needs to be excluded from the mobile experience.

SEO must make it easier for users to engage with your brand.