Dial direct is a renowned South African insurance firm who business operations, services and products are defined as simple smart insurance. This definition comes from the fact that not only does dial direct provide the traditional insurance policies for homes, vehicles, life and buildings but they cover even tiny matters which are generally ignored by many insurance firms such as portable possessions. Dial direct has also revolutionised how policies are acquired, managed and even how claims are submitted with user-friendly online platforms.

One Dial direct product which is structured in the above described manner is the car insurance policy. This insurance is divided into three types such comprehensive, third-party fire and theft and third-party. Comprehensive insurance cover is tailor-made to be immediate for third-party incidents. Dial direct also offers additional car cover options such as, mechanical breakdown for mechanical failure on parts like engine, gearbox, fuel system, electrical ignition, cooling system, touch up insurance for those chips from stones and scuff marks, sound system for the cars sound system, hail damage which protects against the scourge of hailstones, canopy cover for vehicles with canopies.

Because of Dial directs dedication to customer service, all car claim and repair processes such as sourcing of car repair quotes will be handled for you and regular feedback by email or sms is given. All approved car repairs with Dial direct carry a lifetime guarantee.

Dial direct can be contacted on 0860424424.