The Brand name Wonga has of late been a familiar brand on many advertising platforms across South Africa. Wonga is a registered financial services provider that offers flexible, short-term loans that give clients control. The Wonga loan offers up to R2500 for new customers and R8000 for existing customers.

Because of Wongas firm belief in convenience, clients are allowed to use slides on the Wonga home page to decide how much finance they want to borrow and how urgently they need it. Clients will then be availed with the full cost and if they are satisfied, they simply click apply and if approved which is usually instant decision making,the cash will instantly be sent to the clients bank account.

The repayment period for the Wonga loan is between one day and one month and the loan carries an annual interest rate of 60%. Included in this is the R57 service fee per month which helps facilitate fast cash deposit and this happens to be the quickest cash transfers on the web. The Wonga fees include 14% VAT and repayments are collected by debit orders.

Clients who realise that they may start failing to pay the Wonga loan are always advised to contact their consultants and clients are always given alternative solutions which always helps them to get back on track.

Wonga loans can be contacted on 0861 966 421.