The banking landscape has evolved in so many ways over the years. The evolvement of the banking sector has brought about many innovative services like cellphone baking. The gap in providing easy credit facilities for clients has also closed considerably over the years.

Clients are now able to access easy convenient credit facilities for various needs like education, housing, cars etc. Gone are the days when a client couldn’t access a loan because  they are servicing another loan.

With easy access to bank loans and credits has ultimately increased the burden on the part of the client to pay back loans which are sometimes multiple loans with varying interest rates.

It is from the above background that the African Bank has yet again come up with another innovative credit facility which is the “African Bank Consolidation Loan”.

The African Bank Consolidation Loan enables clients to pay off outstanding credit payments by consolidating them into one and the client can then focus on paying single monthly payment to African Bank. This facility is offered to individuals,entrepreneurs ans well as business houses in form of a business loan. The African Bank Consolidation Loan can range from R1500 to R180,000.

The Consolidation loan is tailored according to the suitability of a client requirement to allow a stress free repayment phase. Business houses have also found this to be very help because the loan is offered in form of Payroll Loans which assists businesses pay off employees in times of difficult financial cash flows.

With this credit facility,the African Bank has once again lived up to its levels of innovation in providing convenient credit  with a serious commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers.

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