How would you like to get something out from your insurer, without having to claim? OutSurance has brought out the life insurance revolution.

When you insure with OutSurance, they will give you all of your life insurance premiums back in cash after 15 claim-free years! Choose from two different life insurance products: Fully Underwritten and Essential.

The Fully Underwritten Life Insurance gives you comprehensive death, disability and critical illness cover, that comes with a variety of options such as purchasing up to R16 million in cover, with a guaranteed premium for 12 months. The Essential Life Insurance product is designed for people who need to get a large amount of cover, say up to R500 000 but who also need cancer cover, funeral and family cover all-in-one. This product only requires you to answer a few, simple questions over the phone which will allow 10% of your cover amount to be paid out within 48 hours of your death claim to pay for things like a funeral or so.

Both Products give you the Life OUTbonus cash back after 15 years. You can also add R500 to your Life Insurance OUTbonus for each friend or family member referral, but you have to be an existing Life OUTbonus client.

Call 08 600 60 000 to get your insurance from OutSurance

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