Ithala insurance has dedicated itself to the provision of premium service, fulfilling clients needs as well the provision of  premium protection and service before, during or after eventualities of life.

Ithala Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of  Ithala Development Finance Corporation limited(IDFC), which is governed by Ithala act 2 of 1999 of the Kwazulu-Natal legislature. Ithala has 52 branches , one agency and 450 staff members  throughout the Kwazulu-Natal province. The branches are channels through which deposit is raised from customers and transacting facilities are provided but all business units are centralised.

The Ithala Insurance Services was launched in September 2002 with the primary focus of offering insurance products for individuals and the business community around the Kwazulu Natal region.

The Ithala insurance product range is made up of  credit life, funeral plans which covers bereavements in families and broken down into individual, immediate family, parents and parents in law, extended family and group funeral plans. Long term insurance which covers the financial future of families and business, income booster, specialised insurance cover, corporate insurance which is tailored for the needs of corporate type of businesses, commercial and industrial business insurance which caters for the needs of industrial and commercial business types, domestic insurance and short term insurance.

Ithala Insurance also offers specialised insurance coverage plans such as security company liability, cash in transit insurance, marine and aviation insurance, professional indemnity insurance, performance guarantees, directors and officers liability.

Ithala insurance can be contacted on 031 907 8911.