FNB Legal – South Africa is a constitutional democracy. This implies that individuals and businesses live and conduct themselves within the confines of the legal statutes of the land. While everyone within the borders of the country has a right to be heard before the courts of law, a deeper understanding and knowledge of the laws of the land goes a long way in achieving a positive conclusion. This growing need for expert legal services is what prompted FNB to design the Justice 1st product.

The Justice 1st is a legal cover that offers legal protection for civil, criminal and labour matters and it covers the policyholder, children and children who are up to the age of 21. This covers offers clients access to professional legal assistance at an affordable premium. Other benefits of this legal plan include 24/7 telephonic legal advise from a professional lawyer, investigative services where necessary, legal representation in court, up to 30 minutes face to face consultation for any personal legal matter.

FNB Legal InsuranceLabour matters covered under this plan include unfair dismissal, discrimination, disciplinary proceedings, unfair working conditions and assistance when signing an employment contract. Criminal matters include being arrested and being physically abused and in need of a protection order. Civil matters covered are unopposed divorce, a Will, blacklisting and debt counseling, assistance with signing a lease agreement and disputes with your body corporate, building contractor or other entities.

The Justice 1st is divided into the gold plan and the platinum plan. The gold plan has minimum monthly premium of R60 and maximum cover of R65,000 cover per matter and R650,000 as lifetime cover. The platinum plan has a minimum monthly premium of R100 with maximum premium being R190, maximum cover per matter is R100,000 and maximum is payout is R200,000.

To apply for this plan, a prospective client needs to have a South African ID, active bank account with any bank and applicants must be 18 years or older. Clients are however cautioned that cover only starts once the 1st premium has been paid, legal matters that have arisen before the start of this plan will not be covered and unopposed divorce is subject to three months waiting period.

Justice 1st is indeed the ideal legal cover.