The South African insurance and financial services industry is blessed with a glowing list of service providers. What is also common among these insurance providers is the fact that they are multifaceted with no specific area of specialisation. However a new name on the market has come with a different approach.  AVBOB is a specialist funeral insurance and burial service provider.

Established about 90 years ago and thriving on a strong value of treating its clients not as mere clients but as silent “shareholders”  in the business, AVBOB has indeed been a reliable partner in difficult times for many South Africans.

AVBOBs scope of funeral services cover funerals, cremations, coffins, wreaths and tombstones. AVBOB does not provide funeral services to policyholders only but also to private clients such as unions, church organisations, government, other insurance companies and employer groups. What makes AVBOB unique is the fact that they provide multicultural products that suit diverse needs. All coffins provided by this reputable firm are manufactured to SAB standards and tombstones in different types of material and designs are manufactured at their own factory which therefore makes it possible to erect the tombstone on the day of the funeral. AVBOB also provides undertaker services such as preparation of the deceased, use of cooling facilities, obtaining of  death certificate, use of hearse, chairs at the grave, use of grave tent, registration of death etc.

For AVBOB policyholders, they enjoy the service of free transportation of deceased within South Africa and a R1000 discount on a tombstone.  AVBOB has indeed given the funeral service business the much needed decency.

AVBOB can be contacted on 08613863725 and a team of dedicated staff will be on hand to assist.