Allan Gray has stamped its authority as a reliable provider of retirement fund solutions in South Africa. With a business focus that covers individual investors, institutional investors, financial advice and employers, the Allan Gray group retirement annuity offers individual investors the benefits of an individually owned retirement annuity which is administered on a group basis.

Allan Gray allows individual members to choose investment portfolio of their choice, then employers deduct contributions from salaries and pay to Allan Gray, this saves costs and unnecessary bank charges. Because Allan Gray administers group administration of individual membership, a minimum number of five employees are required from one organisation.

The minimum contributions towards Allan Gray are R500 per month per member. If the average contribution is in excess of R1,000 per month per employee, there is flexibility to reduce the minimum contribution to R250 per month for certain employees.

This retirement plan offers great benefits for employees and employers. Employees enjoy tax efficiency, choice of a range of underlying unit trusts, transparency, value for money, flexibility and regular reporting and access to ones investment statements. The employer benefits include clear individual accountability, flexibility for staff in the context of an increasingly mobile workforce, it helps employer fulfill retirement savings obligation to employees and employers can do cost management better.

Allan Gray can indeed be trusted to manage retirement finances. Clients can contact them on 0214152301.