The insurance industry in South Africa is a healthy mixture of local and multinational insurance firms. Both local and international insurance companies have committed themselves to be efficient service providers for individual as well as business needs. One of the firms playing a role in this regard is Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT).

JLT South Africa is a subsidiary of JLT plc which is a London-based company listed on the LSE and features in the FTSE 250. This firm has established itself as a corporate and specialist insurance and reinsurance broker with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. JLT provides services in healthcare consulting, employee benefits, agriculture insurance, financial risks and guarantees.

Heathcare Consulting tries to offer returns to both the employer and its employees by understanding what a company would like to achieve from its current and future healthcare arrangements. Employee benefits service which is provided through BenPal covers companies operating in a single country or across multiple regions. BenPal can capture your benefit data in a single database and provide one consistent interface for all your employees.

Agriculture insurance covers crop insurance for Horticulture and Viticulture, loss of revenue for pack houses, commodity stock throughputs including livestock, assets and physical structures, machinery and loss of revenue, warehousemans liability, broad acre crops including feed, see and grains, structured trade credit and political risks as well as transit and marine cargo.

With all the risks that business houses are exposed to, financial risks record numbers of corporate fraud cases and ever more sophisticated thefts represent a substantial risk to the balance sheet,a heightened regulatory environment and increasing investigations into companies imposes greater risks on directors, officers and senior staff who find themselves in bad positions, an increasing percentage of business conducted in cyber space leaves computer networks vulnerable to attack and provide criminals with the opportunity to access confidential information.

Guarantees in form of insurance and bank guarantees are offered through performance bonds, advance payment bonds, residual value guarantees, credit default guarantees and retention bonds.

JLT can be contacted on 0113610000.