Clientele life cash back hospital plan – Quality medical care in South Africa is an issue that has undergone intense scrutiny over the years. Quality health services have been out of the reach for many citizens due to the factor of affordability, this has left many individuals and families with no healthcare in moments of poor health. Compounded by inadequate access to quality healthcare are the adverse effects on individual and family income due to hospitalisation. Hospitalisation hampers an individual or families ability to be productive and create some income. One institution making a difference in this regard is Clientele Life.

Clientele Life is one of South Africa’s biggest and most reliable financial services provider. With years of experience in the market, Clientele Life saw the need to create a cash back hospital plan. This health insurance plan protects individuals and families against the unforseen costs relating to hospitalisation. This plan pays between R2,000 to R5,000 per day spent in hospital.

The hospital plans are divided into three categories, the accident plan pays up to R2,000 for hospital stay resulting out of accidents, the hospital cash back plan pays up to R3,000 per day in hospital due to illness or accident and the premium hospital cash back plan pays up to R5,000 per day spent in hospital due to illness or accident.

To access these hospital plans, clients can SMS Premium, Hospital or Cap to 32849 and Clientele Life consultants will call back or clients can simply call 0113203000.