Bidvest group is one of South Africa’s biggest and reliable financial concerns offering a wide array of products and services. One of the thriving and vibrant business division coming out of Bidvest group is the Bidvest financial services.

Bidvest financial services was established in 1997 with a core mission of providing innovative insurance solutions. With current staff levels of 100 employees. With special emphasis on integrity and accountability, Bidvest financial services now offers its clientele a variety of warranty, life, vehicle and value added insurance products. Bidvest financial services product  offering is divided into Bidvest insurance, Bidvest insurance brokers and Bidvest life.

Bidvest insurance is focused on providing vehicle insurance. Whether you want to protect your vehicle against everyday road hazards or ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected, there is a cover for you. Product offerings under this one include mechanical breakdown warranty, tyre-guard, bodyguard+interiorguard, shortfall protection and travel insurance.

The Bidvest insurance brokers offer comprehensive insurance with policies such as comprehensive motor and household insurance, maintenance plan and veridot. The Bidvest life offers life insurance policies such as auto settlement, superior life and funeral plans.

Bidvest insurance policies are indeed tailored to provide clients with peace of mind. Bidvest financial services can be contacted on 0861668888.