Excellence in the provision of insurance cover in South Africa has been the trademark associated with AIG since 1962. AIG  South Africa is a member company of the American International Group which is one of the worlds leading insurance and financial services firms with branches in 130 countries.

In South Africa, AIG has offices all over South Africa in major cities which include Durban, Capetown, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria but also provides insurance across a wide network in Africa.

AIG provides the widest range of insurance services whether it’s for commercial or consumer needs, these include Accident, Health and Personal Lines cover which includes cover for buildings, contents, auto, household, travel insurance and individual cover.

The AIG business insurance lines cover business travel and the unique image protector. Closely tailored with the business line cover is the commercial lines cover which includes kidnap and extortion, environmental impairment liability, evacuation and repatriation insurance. For those clients who are constantly traveling, they have found the evacuation and repatriation insurance very helpful because it insures against sudden, violent and potential life threatening risks that arise.

AIG has also been the first to launch the contaminated products insurance which insures clients from both accidental and deliberate interference with products like tobacco, food, cosmetics etc.

What makes AIG a cut above the rest is the fact that they can participate in multinational accounts and offer  unique global claims service to clients. The claims process is easy and suitable to the modern fast pacey lifestyle.

Insuring with AIG is indeed an intelligent choice. AIG can be contacted on 011 551 8000.