The development of the human race has allowed individuals, families and business houses to secure some sort of peace in the unfortunate event of loss. The advent of the insurance business has meant that the financial burden of a risk can now be transferred from an individual, family or business to an insurance company. Insurance has therefore assisted many to prepare for catastrophies and mitigate the effects of such catastrophes. One institution which has mastered this unique and beneficial business is African unity insurance.

African unity insurance is a South African insurance firm specialising in the provision of tailored long-term insurance solutions. African unity insurance range of products and services include assistance, life cover, health, fund and investments.

The assistance service looks into funeral cover and credit life, life cover deals with credit life and group life and disability cover, the health range of products include sick fund insurance cover which has primary and occupational healthcare benefits, hospital cash benefits, income protection and wellness benefits, the fund generally tackles life and disability cover.

African unity insurance is in the business of caring and they can be contacted on 0415824577.