Traveling is a marvel of life which holds its principal value around breaking the monotony of life and work.Travelling also has great informative value because it widens the grasp and knowledge of geography, different cultures and people as well as have a moment to relax, reflect and ponder. All these benefits of travelling however can only be realised when travelers have peace of mind. One business entity making sure this is achieved is AA.

AA is a renowned name in the world of business. It is not surprising that they came on board to provide travel insurance. AA travel insurance is powered by Regent and it offers clients a range of policies to suit different budgets, travel activities and age group together with assistance when required.

Travel insurance from this business concern suits diverse needs such as luxury traveler, budget travelers, budget traveler, students, senior citizens, business travelers, foreign visitors to South Africa, those traveling to Africa, Asia, Indian Ocean and Middle East, credit card holders and medical aid members.

This travel insurance also offers top up cover and if you buy online, you save time and the cancellation cover becomes effective from date of purchase.

AA travel insurance can be counted on to provide travelers protection from substantial losses that may result from any unforeseen circumstances such as lost luggage, medical emergencies, supplier defaults and cancelled trips.

AA can be contacted on 0861000234.